On the planet Earth in the year 2009 most people work too hard to gain too little. Really either you miss out on all the awesomeness that life has to offer in order to have shit. Shit like a home, car, techy gadgets, manicured nails, and a gym membership and all that stuff that winds up on the Oprah’s Favourite Things episode. Or you live in virtual squalor with only love to keep you going, on either end of the spectrum there are the unloved and on either end of the spectrum there is sadness. I am not being entirely fair there is a middle of this road with and without love , with and without sadness, and those are the people who probably struggle the most and have the most to lose at the end of the day.

Being a North American of the Canadian persuasion bombardment by the material is as natural to me as eating dinner. I live in a major city with all the ups and downs any major city can provide; there are lights, signs, ads, noise and opinions EVERYWHERE. There is also violence, crime, hate, poverty, homelessness, ignorance stupidity and selfishness everywhere too. But amid all this swirling, shallow, materialistic, mental illness inducing, craziness the very nature of chaos has provide a light – no no LIGHTS at the end of the tunnel. The beauty that surrounds us that can so easily be missed in the rush but it’s those beacons of beauty that let you see the opening of the tunnel. Music, art, the park, the sky, all forms of beauty in their own right and all things that keep me from going postal. Things like these that make me able to stop being pissed off about all the dumbass bullshit that surrounds the Human Race…. These things and a good rant of course!!!     

Begin NOW!

Have you ever been dared to do something? Double dared? Double Dog dared? It safe to say that you have, we all have at some point. It’s also safe to say that at some point most of us have taken a dare. Although, most of us don’t succumb to a dare at the ripe old age of 33; I however am apparently not that mature. I apparently am about as mature as a seven year old. At the age of 33 I have taken the dare of trying to become a writer.  So here is my effort, these words you are reading are my effort to take on the dare. These words are also my effort to change my path, to change my station in life; perhaps this journey will be amusing enough to read.

If not there will be cathartic ranting at least!